Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another finished project!

I'm finished with my latest project, McCall 6520:

And by finished, I mean this is as done as it's gonna get!  Wadder!   It's a cute pattern, and I could certainly do some pattern alterations and make a version that doesn't pull tight around my hips and have room for like 15 extra boobs.   But  I'm just not so sure this one is "me", after all.  I don't wear a lot of blouses in real life, and when I do, I probably look better in ones that have a set-in sleeve.  Both things that should have been obvious to me before I started this project.  But it's such a cute pattern.

I've been away from the sewing machine most of the past month.  The air conditioner for that part of the house has broken twice (we've had eight AC repairs this year, believe it or not), and I've been cleaning junk out of the garage.  Fun stuff, I know!   Plus, I finally sorted through my large film camera collection, and put a bunch on eBay, along with paint I no longer use.  I used to have a studio space, but those days are gone!   Selling on eBay takes a stupendous amount of time, folks.  I had no idea.   I will probably take a break before I tackle vintage sewing patterns and other odds and ends!

For most items, I don't make much money, I'm just trying to find some vintage objects good homes.  Nevertheless, I treated myself to a few new cameras, ones I'd been hesitant to spend on since they're expensive compared to the junk I usually buy.  I'm getting rid of about 75 or so cameras, all told, and might make enough on them to cover like half the cost of these!  I know there aren't many camera junkies reading my blog, so I'll spare you the details, but here they are.

Lomography LC-A+, Lomography La Sardinia, LOMO LC-A 

Now that I have my wadder out of the way, I've gone back to my old friend the Claire Cami dress from Serendipity Studios ... version number four, with the skull fabric, is underway!   One I get the last round of eBay sales out the door, I should have more time for sewing!