Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pattern giveaway #18: all dressed up in dreams

Here it is -- your final giveaway, on Leap Day, no less!   I stole the title for this group from a song I like. (Anyone know it?)   I do think that sewing from vintage patterns is a bit like dressing up in dreams.   And the publication dates for this group span my favorite era for vintage, the 50s through the early 60s.

I confess that I have fallen a bit behind in choosing winners -- it has been a busy week!  I'll try to catch up tomorrow.  Anyhow, if you like this group, please leave a comment on this post by Wednesday, March 7.  





Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pattern giveaway #17: petite mail order patterns

I love mail order patterns:  somehow those line drawings seem ripe with possibility.  However, I have not had great luck "un-petiting" petite patterns, so I think these will be better off in someone else's collection.  If you would like that collection to be yours, please comment by Tuesday, March 6.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Pattern giveaway #16: dipping a toe into the 70s

I mailed giveaways three through seven this morning, so if one of them is yours, be on the lookout later in the week!   Now, on to giveaway number 16, which dips into my late 60s / early 70s pattern stash.  All these are 34 bust, and if you like them, please comment on this post by Monday, March 5.


This was one of the first vintage patterns I ever bought,
before I ever thought I'd be able to sew them up!
It's early 70s, I believe.

1974 (I've seen many, many copies of this one!)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pattern giveaway #15: yet more 50s and 60s dresses

Here's pattern giveaway number 15 ... more highlights from the 50s and 60s for lucky folks with a 34 bust.  If you'd like to be entered for this group, please comment by the end of Sunday, March 4.

1958 -- I love the gray with yellow variant!

Has to be 60s.

1962 ... the four season wardrobe thing is
a bit of a stretch, don't you think?

Pattern giveaway #14 and catching up on winners

I got a little behind there on picking winners (and on posting this giveaway lot, too) so let's catch up.  (And yes, apparently is grooving on the number 5.  I didn't do all of these the same day, even.)

Pattern giveaway #4 goes to Samm -- Samm, I couldn't find your email, so send your snail mail address to me (I'm apound on gmail) when you get a chance.

Pattern giveaway #5 goes to Jane of Handmade Jane!

Pattern giveaway #6 goes to Carmen of CarmencitaB!

... and pattern giveaway #7 goes to Gail of Today's Agenda!

To answer a few questions that have been asked in comments about the giveaways:  yes, you can enter (and potentially win!) as many as you'd like!  I am shipping internationally, as well (it just may not be by a very fast method).  And for those who expressed concern about how depleted my own pattern collection might be after all these giveaways, uh, don't be.  I am hoarding plenty for myself!  A couple of the patterns in these giveaways are pictured in that collection, but most were always set aside to be given away or sold on Etsy.   It has just taken me a while to get around to it.  A few years back, it was much easier to score cheap vintage patterns, and I would get huge lots of assorted patterns for a song sometimes.  (I blame Mad Men for ruining this!)  Even after the giveaways, I'll still have two boxes of patterns I plan to re-home.  Most of the remaining patterns are from the 70s, and almost entirely 34 bust: if you have a love for this era and size, you should let me know!

This was a single lot won on eBay in 2009!

If you've read this far, you must want to see the next group of patterns!  Here they are: these are size 40 bust (or 40 hip, in the case of the sport-skort).  If you'd like to enter for this group, please leave a comment by the end of Saturday, March 3.

The "Lusie" dress (at least I think that's what it
says!)  I love this, and have a copy in my size too.

Looks 40s to me!

I love the graphic black and white version
with the yellow belt!  (1963)

I love the artwork on the bottom -- it
would make a great print! (1961)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Pattern giveaway #13 ... lucky 13 obviously!

It's Friday night, which means I am totally freakin' exhausted!  So let's just get straight to the patterns.  These are bust size 38, and hail from the 60s or almost-the-60s.  If you like these, please comment by the end of Friday, March 2!

1959 (60s-ish!)


1970 (barely past!)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pattern giveaway #12: yet more 50s flair

This giveaway was originally slated to be the last, but plans changed and now we're only two thirds through!  Does anyone have giveaway fatigue yet?  

If you want to be entered for this group, please comment by the end of Thursday, March 1.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pattern giveaway #11: let's call it "day to night"

Another day, another giveaway!  They are all bust size 32.  If you like this one, please comment by Wednesday, February 29. (Leap day!)

(1960)  A work look.  Classy, but envelope-less.
Umbrella not included.

( 1960) For evening relaxation.
I think adding cased drawstring waist
to this one would be cool.

 (1953) Bedtime!
Did I mention I have way
too many pyjama patterns?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pattern giveaway #10: 60s soiree

Before I get into tonight's patterns, let's catch up on the results from giveaways #2 and #3.

The winner of #2 (60s ladies who lunch) is ...  Wylde Hills!   I mailed your patterns this morning.

And, the winner of #3 is ... Jillishness ... whose email address I cannot discover.  Email me your snail-mail address (to the email in my blogger profile) when you get a chance!

OK, next patterns up are more sweet 60s numbers, 34 bust.  One of them is a special favorite of mine ... I have a copy of it in my size too.  I like to think of it as "the beast with three backs".  If you want to be considered for this trio, please leave a comment by the end of Tuesday, February 28.

"the beast"
"the Sandy dress" (I love it when the pattern's
pattern's original owner wrote her name on it ...
instant name for your creation!)
This one you get to name yourself!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Pattern giveaway #9: '50s and retro '50s

Another day, another giveaway -- these are 32 bust or thereabouts.   A dress, a top and a bathrobe:  an eclectic mix for sure.  And yep, a repro pattern snuck in there -- somehow I ended up with an extra copy. If you want to be considered for these, please leave a comment before the end of Monday, February 27.