Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pattern giveaway #8 (and, we have a winner!)

Time's up for entering for the first pattern lot, and the winner is ... Juebejue!

I've already been in touch with her, so now I just need to get her prize packaged up and on its way!   Since it's going to get annoying for everyone if I'm posting screenshots of the random number generator every day for the next couple of weeks, I will post results for several giveaways at once from here on out. But, I will contact the winner ASAP.  FYI, I'll aim to do the random number thing the morning after whatever the deadline date was.

On to the next giveaway!  I confess, the trio of patterns in this group was originally slightly different:  I had second thoughts about one, so I snatched it back out of the pile.  But I did find what I think is a very worthy substitute, so don't be too hard on me.  :)   AND, while I was hunting up a replacement, I pulled out six more groups of patterns for giveaway!  Some of them are 38 and 40 bust, too. (Unfortunately, I didn't have any 36 bust ones: those were given away a while back).

Anyhow, here we go!  These patterns range between bust sizes 30 and 32, and the 1940s through the 1960s.  If you would like to enter for these, please leave a comment by the end of Sunday, February 26.



  1. Pretty...loving the blue dress! Count me in please :)

  2. Another lot of winners! The last one really surprises me - the boots and capes look so current!

  3. That Advance pattern is fabulous! Wantwantwant.

  4. All three patterns are gorgeous, but the Vogue cape is simply scrumptious!! Yowza!

  5. Thanks again Andrea! I am one lucky sewer! your giveaway is simply amazing! i cant wait to receive them in the mail. that second pattern is amazing, (not entering for it since i shouldnt be sooo greedy... but maybe i am but these are not my size ;) )

  6. Really like the advance pattern - sooo adorable!

  7. That Advance pattern with the capelet it just too perfect! The cape is fabulous as well. Why are you letting these treasure go?!