Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pendrells in action

I finally got photos of my two Pendrell blouses on.   Though I have trouble making time for it, seeing photos of my finished garments being worn helps me see them more clearly.  I'm not sure why looking in the mirror isn't good enough, but somehow it doesn't tell the whole story.  Anyhow ... Pendrells, fore and aft:

Didn't realize I hadn't gotten the tail smoothed out on the red one -- it's one of the pitfalls of a prominent booty, not a fit problem.  I don't think I'd normally wear these tops with running shoes, either.   I already posted separately about both of these, so there's not much to add.  The fit of the blue plaid one actually looks better through the back than I thought: it's a little loose, but not bad.  The red one might have been better an inch shorter.  And on both ... if the head-hole was any smaller my giant melon would not fit through!   But overall, they work, I feel like a did a decent job on the sewing, and if I was trying them on in a store, I would want to buy them.   I'm not sure I would say that about many of the things I've made up to now.   Maybe it's because it's hard to separate the process from the product, and usually there's at least one sewing goof-up that I'm aware of, even if nobody else would be.   Anyhow, I feel proud of these!  And it gets even better: I just finished a 50s dress I love.   That'll be my next post.  :)

Alas, it's back to work tomorrow morning, and all those things that could be deferred until "after the holidays" ... well, now it's time to do that stuff.   So probably not much sewing time for me in the next coupla weeks.  However, I feel I'm pausing on a high note!


  1. They both worked out really well but I love that red one (bit biased maybe as its a favourite colour) its fits you perfectly too.

  2. Thanks! It really is an easy and fun blouse to make.