Saturday, February 26, 2011

A recipe so simple even I can make it

I actually did a little sewing today!  I might finish a garment during the month of February after all.    My project is in what I think of as the home stretch -- it merely awaits buttons, hand-sewing of the lining to the zipper, and hemming.  Hopefully I can get some or all of that done tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I thought I'd share something else I made today:  ice cream bread.  My husband found the recipe on BoingBoing and wanted to try it.   So I picked up the ingredients:

Death by chocolate ... mmm.

I am about the furthest thing from a cook there is.  It just doesn't interest me.  I seem to be incapable of following instructions, which is part of the problem.  I confess that I didn't even follow the link to the recipe  until I was posting it here (and I still haven't read it).  I just asked my husband for the pertinent details and off I went.  But you can't really mess this one up.  Or believe me, I would have.

Basically, to make ice cream bread, you take equal amounts of the stuff pictured above (I used two cups of each, then another spoonful of ice cream) and mash 'em together.  Probably you should let the ice cream get a little melty before you try to mix in the flour.  And for God's sake, don't do what I do and try to knead them together with your hands .... ice cream is @$#&! cold!   I ended up mashing at it (right in the cooking pan, as I also hate washing dishes) with a couple of spoons.  This is what it looked like right before it went into the oven:

Pardon the appearance of my pan -- it has seen much brownie batter.

Thirty minutes or so at 350 degrees, and what comes out of the oven doesn't actually look a whole lot different, but sure enough, it's bread!   Actually, the texture is pretty scone-like.  And it tastes pretty darn good, for something so simple.   We ate it for lunch.  :)

Don't worry, there is no chance that this will become a cooking blog!  Hopefully I'll have a finished dress to show soon.

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