Wednesday, June 22, 2011

In anticipation of schmeebot day

Though it's kind of hard to tell from my blog, I am still sewing!  Here's the latest completed project:  a skirt for an annual event known as schmeebot day.  It is currently wending its way to the site where the festivities will take place.  

I also decided it needs its own name -- it has several details that differentiate it from the skirts I've made for myself so far.  So, behold ... the Pacific Moon!   (The first version can be seen in action here, by the way.)

Pacific Moon has a wider waistband, and a two-inch hem.   The fabric is the same as for one of the skirts I made for myself ... at the time I said the fabric was rayon for some reason, but it's not, it's Tencel twill.  I love this fabric: it's soft, not too thin, hangs well, washes well, and doesn't wrinkle too badly.  I need to find some more.

I'm currently taking a break from skirts and making a dress.  But what is a dress if not a skirt with a bodice attached? (That's foreshadowing, by the way!)  I've been working on it a little each evening, and I'm hoping it'll be done by the weekend.

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  1. Super cute and I can imagine how yummy that fabric is.