Saturday, January 12, 2013

Melty trees

I finally made a Pacific Moon for me!   Just like the ones I make for schmeebot, it has a wider waistband, deep pockets, and is made from Ikea home decor fabric.   I did have to add three inches to the length, but that's the only significant change I made.

The fabric is currently available Ikea stock -- They call it Fjallfly,  but schmeebot and I have dubbed it "Melty Trees".  If you look closely at the print, there are all kinds of zany things tucked in there:  bows on trees, mushrooms, transparent houses, newsprint, lost shoes, hedgehogs ...

Here are the back and side views.  I matched the print on the back seam but did not bother on the sides ... too hard to do that and make sure the parts of the design I like most landed on the skirt!

I think it looks a bit puffy in the ass, and would take an inch or two outta there for my next one. (There will be a next one).   schmeebot says it's perfect as-is, leave well enough alone.  What do you think?

There's nothing new to say about the construction of a Pacific Moon, at least not until I actually make the tutorial.  The yoke fabric's quilting cotton as per usual.  I did line mine, with some gold mystery fabric that came in a Fabric Mart bundle.  Oh how I love those bundles!  I've gotten several over the past year, and they've contained some strange and wonderful treasures (and a few WTFs).  Now to wrap my head around them and sew them up into something. 

As you can see from the above, finished garment photography finally happened, so I will be showing you my Sewaholic Almas soon.   This month does not hold a lot of sewing time for me, but I'm certainly still thinking about it (mainly while driving to and from work ... it's a 25 mile commute).  So maybe I'll share my half-baked ideas, if only so I don't forget them.  And then there's that other hobby I keep mentioning.  So, expect a few more posts from me soon!


  1. Oh, man! Seriously jealous now:

    1. You have a pool.
    2. You don't have to wear a coat. In January.
    3. You have a cool new skirt from Ikea fabric!

    My local Ikea is so lame in terms of fabric. I was just there on Friday and there was nothing even remotely interesting. This fabric is amazing! I think I agree with you over Schmeebot re: the poofiness in the back, although with a drapier fabric, you might not need to take any out.

  2. It was 50-something degrees out -- not warm enough to be dressed like that out of doors (but the sunshine does make it look like it was). This far South, do we get some days in the 70s even during the dead of Winter, but usually they're overcast or rainy (like today, in fact). And then we have plenty of genuinely cold days ... but probably nothing like y'all see up there!

    We are loving the pool, though we haven't had much of a chance to swim in it since we moved in. It's relaxing just to look at it ... well, when it's not full of leaves that need netting, that is!

  3. Lovely! You've really nailed these skirts Andrea...I look forward to the tutorial! Can't wait to see your Alma either, it's such a sweet pattern!