Sunday, March 24, 2013

Oops (again)

So like two and a half months ago I said I'd be back soon with a post about the  Sewaholic Alma blouses I'd finished over the Winter holidays.   Oops.  What can I say, life has been busy!  I have been squeezing in some sewing here and there, but progress is slow.   I do have a couple more finished garments queued up though.

But first, those Almas.   I am not a huge blouse-wearer.  I usually choose knits: camisoles or tank tops with a cardigan or hoodie is pretty much my above-the-waist uniform.  But I do like these.  I added 3 inches to be bottoms of mine to achieve a more tunic-y length that I can wear with jeans that have a lower rise.

Blouse number one is a black rayon with little purple flowers from Fabric Mart.  As I was finishing it, I realized it would be shorter than I wanted.  I decided to add an extra strip of fabric at the bottom, but didn't have enough left to even piece a band together.  Fortunately Fabric Mart had four more yards in stock, so I ordered two and figured I'd finish my blouse the following weekend.

However, disaster struck: FedEx lost track of my order!   It was discovered and delivered a few days later, but in the meantime I went back online and grabbed the final two yards of the fabric.  So obviously you can expect to see more of this ditzy floral from me in the future -- fortunately it's nice quality and I really like the print.  

You can't even make out the band at the bottom -- even up close -- unless you're hunting for it.  I just measured the circumference of the bottom of the shirt and cut a six-inch wide strip that length.  I attached it so that it's folded double (almost like bias tape).  The extra weight of the doubled fabric makes the shirt hang more nicely.

Here's shirt number two.  On this one I just lengthened the pattern by three inches, and skipped the zipper because it's really not necessary.   However, think the first one is nicer, because of the bottom band and just because the quality of the rayon I used was a bit better.  FWIW, this second fabric was from Fabric Mart too, and the same price as the first one.

Like all Sewaholic patterns, Alma was excellently drafted and a pleasure to sew.  I can definitely see making more of these in the future.  Possibly I'd try a collared version, but I think I'll stick to cap sleeves or no sleeves for layering friendliness.

One final shot -- chosen solely for the cuteness of the dog. BTW these pictures were taken back in January, and it was colder than it looks!


  1. I like these. Reminds me that I need to try this pattern out too!

  2. They both look great, the longer length actually suits the pattern very much I think! I love your hair by the's a new cut, no?