Sunday, February 16, 2014

January's skirt

I wanted to document my one and only sewing project for January.  Since it's just another variation of the same skirt I've made a million times, let's make it quick shall we?

Made of brown micro-corduroy with two shades of pink dots, and lined with a burgundy rayon.  Can't remember where I got this fabric.  I've been holding onto it for a while.

Yoke facing is a fat quarter that I've had for eons.  There wasn't enough to use for pockets too, so I used the last of my red and pink Lindy Leaf print, which has been used for a few facings and first appeared as this dress. I love Lindy Leaf. (After doing the image search, I want some of the green and yellow variant now!)

Happy Sunday everyone, I'm off to work on my current sewing project!

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