Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Emery #6: Strange Submarines (and Emery #2 at long last)

Say hello to Emery #6!  

Worn to work with an aqua hoodie exactly the same color as the print -- I love me some matchy-matchy, I confess.

And look what is hiding in this fantastic print?  Submarines and mermaid tails!   This fabric is from Tula Pink's Saltwater collection.  I love this design for both its intricate detail and subtle cleverness. I wore this Emery to work last week and I wouldn't be surprised if nobody noticed the submarines hiding in the design.   Somehow it makes me think of steampunk, which is not a bad association.

Somehow this one came out a touch longer in the back than in the front in at both waist seam and hem.  I'm wondering if it's a screw-up in hand-sewing the bodice lining at the waist.  Possibly I turned under too much of the lining in front and it's pulling things up a bit?  However, it doesn't seem noticeable in photos and I forgot about it after I quit scrutinizing the dress.  Maybe its just the typical hyper-criticism reserved for hand-made items .... because I could have made it perfect, suddenly it becomes an obligation.  Sigh.  Given my lack of enthusiasm for hand-sewing (Emery #8 is waiting for some already!)  I will try to forget I noticed any irregularity: seems the easiest way to go by far.

Obligatory dress form shots.  The lining is pale aqua Imperial batiste -- it matches the print.

And here's Emery #2 at long last -- Lindy Leaf Emery.  Facings are leftover Lindy Leaf in another colorway, from this project.

Lindy Leaf is a little looser than the Emerys that came after it, and I need to try it on again to see if I'd be willing to wear it to work.

I did some jumping around while my husband was kindly taking my photos.  While most of those shots are total crap,  they really proved to me just how well this pattern fits -- better than any dress I've ever had in my life.   That's hard to beat!

And check out how green the yard is!  I hope it stays this way all summer.  Last summer was lawn-watering hell, just trying to keep everything from turning brown.  That said, I'm loving having a big suburban yard after 20 years of urban living, watering or no.

The feeling around here is still very much yay Emery!  

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