Monday, June 9, 2014

Garden skirt

I'm still on a skirt kick.   This one's the same as the sunspot skirt, just with side-seam pockets.   I looove this fabric!   Beautiful and also a very nice quality lawn: it hardly wrinkled after a long day at work!  This one's from High Fashion Fabric in downtown Houston, and I've been hoarding it for a few years.

The pattern match-up in the back isn't perfect but will do at a glance.   Lining and yoke follow the usual protocols.

Wore it with my trusty gold cardigan a week ago.  On a very humid morning:  the camera lens fogged over!  Let's call it an artistic effect.  We can say the same about what my bangs are doing -- ew.  

I've been wearing stuff I've made to work a lot more recently.   I think it's finally nailing fit on a few patterns, and realizing that I really like the same simple shape.  For me, color and print is where the fun is at.   So I may not be sewing many wild and crazy new designs, but I'm finally making stuff I can count on liking and wearing, which is a bigger win for me.  At least right now.   The downside is that I am running out of hangers ...


  1. What a beautiful fabric! I think your pattern matching is excellent at the back - I wouldn't have realized I was even looking at the back if you hadn't said so!

  2. Wow! That came out awesome!

    The foggy picture is cool, too, even if it was an accident. (I was going to say it was like shooting through frosted glass, except that I guess it was, actually, shooting through frosted glass. Duh.)

  3. Hey, keep on keeping and I'll send you some hangers! Lovely skirt.