Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Anniversary Emery

Say hello to Emery #5, aka The Anniversary Emery.  Since I decided to make it in honor of our 20th wedding anniversary (now almost a month past!) I asked my husband to help pick the fabric.  Then began to waffle, second-guessing his choice and proposing alternatives.  But he was not to be swayed, and he was right, this was a good choice.

Naturally the dog and I have both managed to look like goofballs.  And I look like I am trying to meld with the jasmine on the fence.  But in more urban settings this dress stands out nicely, I promise.  I wore it for one of our anniversary dinners (we had several, because what the hey).

Not much to add on the making of, at least that I can remember anyhow given that it was done a month ago.  Looking at these pictures I did decide that the bodice might be a hair too long in front, even though it doesn't feel long.  So I shortened it ever so slightly for Emerys 6 and 7.  Otherwise the slight bodice looseness is intentional -- yay for a little easy, easy ease.

By the way, 20th anniversaries are awesome.  We originally thought we'd travel somewhere nice to mark the occasion, but decided to take a week to just spend time together and work on some home improvement projects that would make our daily lives better instead.  That worked out well.

OK, side 'n' back views and we're outta here.  Have a good evening, or a great day or fantastic wherever you're at in the celestial cycle.


  1. Happy Anniversary! Ease is good, I love it - skin tight is not my style, especially growing up with hot weather. Glad you stuck to the fabric, the bright green is perfect for summer!

    1. Thanks! I love green, so I'm not sure what my hangup was!

  2. Happy anniversary! I love that you guys had several anniversary dinners :-)

    Yet another beautiful Emery! I'm finally a member of the Emery club too, yay!

  3. Yes, your Emery is lovely -- I could imagine it being right at home in the early 60s with the print and especially the color palette!