Saturday, November 20, 2010

Current project

My flannel hooded dress is finished, and hopefully I'll get it photographed soon, but in the meantime, I have gotten my next project underway.   A couple of months ago I posted about the pattern I most regretted missing the chance to buy.   Well, after more than a year of hunting, I finally snagged a copy!   Better yet, nobody bid against me, and I got it for a mere $9.99, less than half what I saw it go for last time around.

It's a size too large for me, so I'm in the process of bumbling through re-drafting the bodice.  Those angled sides make it a challenge.  I made a stab at it on the tracing paper, cut out my fabric, and am now working on basting the dress together so that I can try it on.  So far, it looks like I need to extend  and raise the bust dart.  I did a horrid job making that little point where the back piece joins the front at the waist, so I'm glad I already planned on ripping out those seams.

The fabric I'm using is some taupey-tan striped shirting I got out of the clearance section at Jo Anns, and I have some hot pink voile set aside for lining, when I get that far.  I optimistically picked out some piping, but that was before I started the alterations.   Now I'm less keen on it.   I expect it'll take a couple of versions of this dress before I have all the alterations right.

The pattern is intended to be made up in fancy-schmancy fabrics, and includes separate pattern pieces for the lining, plus facing pieces so that the lining won't show.  At least on the first go, I'm going to stick with my usual practice of cutting the lining from the dress pattern pieces.  There's also a pattern piece for skirt stiffening, which I won't be needing either.   This is the most thoroughly marked pattern I've ever encountered: there are lines to show you where to put your basting thread, and arrows along every seam line to show you which direction to sew in.  Plus you are specifically instructed to cut the pattern paper and fabric together.  Maybe that matters when you're dealing with slippery fabrics.    As usual, I'm not really following the directions ... though if or when I get to those (gulp) welt pockets I will certainly have to follow somebody's instructions!

Unfortunately, my Janome's bobbin winder has died again, so I have another road trip to Tomball to look forward to.   Apparently my model of Janome is unique in that they made it extra, extra hard to get the top off, and after watching the repair guy get in there last time, I am not even tempted to attempt a DIY this time around.  

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