Saturday, November 6, 2010

A 1930s-themed giveaway

I have two copies of the very cool little book, "Dress Cutting: Instructions and Illustrations for Sewing 26 Vintage 1930s Fashions", and seeing as how the Sew Retro competition for this month has a 1930s theme, this is the perfect time to find a new home for one of them!  (OK, last week would have been an even better time, but I've been busy!)

Here's the book:

So what do you need to do to be considered for the giveaway?   In the comments on this post, answer (or at least ponder) the following question:

Why do you sew vintage looks?  

(Or if you haven't yet, why you want to.  If you're interested in entering, I can assume you do want to, right?)   There are no right or wrong answers -- I'm just curious.  :)    And I'm willing to ship internationally -- I just don't promise to ship via a speedy method!   I'll choose a winner on Friday, November 12, and get it in the mail ASAP, so that maybe you'll have a shot at using this for the Sew Retro contest.

If you don't win, or would rather just get your own copy, it's available from

I haven't made anything from the book yet, but it's on my to-do list!  As is entering the Sew Retro contest.   But I have another, non-1930s dress I'm very excited to make after my current project ... hopefully I won't run out of time.


  1. I would love a chance to win the book.

    I love all vintage style clothing. The reason I'm in love vintage looks is because of the nostalgia of course but more so because vintage clothing has style and class. They can be sophisticated or fun. I go to the stores and nothing calls to me as wow that is really sharp. I love the beautiful lines, drapes, big full skirts with girlie petticoats, etc that you find with dress from the past. Especially the 30's and 40's there is dimension in the clothes of those eras that have not resurfaced. I could go on and on here :) They are timeless fashions.

  2. What a great little giveaway! I sew vintage because some of the vintage patterns I see around today were patterns I learned to sew with. Not saying that I'm OLD or anything (well, okay, I AM old!), I love "vintage" style and would love to win this book. Thanks!

  3. How Exciting! What a lovely giveaway I now covet. I sew vintage looks because; I have more of a Joan body than a Betty body, you know double letter cup size and double figure dress size (ie not a size 0). Vintage is more classic and appeals to my now ex-shopping mantra "what would Audrey wear"? Vintage is always elegant and most definately always feminine, but most of all, no matter how you feel on the inside as soon as you put on a vintage outfit you feel beautiful and instantly more able to face the world. It's just sooooo pretty!!!!

  4. I love the styles all the way back to the teens. Well, even some Civil War stuff...not that I'd wear that. But I'd wear the 20's up to the 60's for sure. I rediscovered sewing last year, when making a dress for a Mother of the Bride. I had so much fun I just jumped back in. Becasue I'm a quilter, I searched for patterns that would show off the fabric to best advantage. I'll have to get a dressform sometime, because some of these patterns are so tiny they'd only fit my left leg!! This looks like a delightful book to read.

  5. I have a few reasons why I love vintage clothing and want to make my own.
    I grew up with "old fashioned morals and values" (I don't see them as old fashioned but in today's world I guess they would be seen as that) I like wearing clothes that are flattering to the figure but not vulgar as most of today's fashion is in a way. Too short, too tight, too casual you take a look around and know what I mean. I like real ladies like you can find them in old movies, books and pictures from the first half of the past century. They were sexy in a subtle way and dressed in a way that was "appropriate" for the occasion. I like that and try to do exactly that as much as I can in every day life. I love vintage clothing but it is difficult to care for vintage pieces if you wear them day in day out and you want to keep them looking nice. I can't afford taking all my vintage pieces to the dry cleaners to wear them day in day out. So I decided to make my own. First of all it's a very rewarding way to spend your free time. (I haven't got a TV so I need to be creative) and second you can just throw your clothes into the wash and they come out nice and as new every time. You get the look but not the work taking care of your pieces. And you get the fit right.
    Thank you so much for sharing that second copy with one of us.

  6. Beautiful book!
    I sew vintage and retro personally because I was not born with a standardized body, my waist is small and my bust and hips are not. I also love history and to capture what I call echoes, of peoples lives before us. As a Dress History student I guess the study of dress is an obvious reason too! Plus the lack of surviving heirlooms in my family means I want to create something so my grandkids can say Grammy made that! xx

  7. I would love to enter for this stunning little book please. It made my heart flutter when I saw your giveaway!

    I sew vintage because there's a nostalgia within me for the fashions of decades gone by, that I simply can't explain. I also find that vintage patterns/clothes (especially from the 1920s-1960s) have a fantastic level of detail, the kind of detail that you just can't find in highstreet shops.

    I'm relatively new to sewing and my vintage techniques certainly need improving, so a book like this would help me on this wonderful journey ;o)

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Hi! First let me say I love your blog! You are very inspiring. Why do I sew vintage? Because I am sick to death of wasting my time walking the shops trying to find unique clothes that fit me well. When I make a garment I know that no one else in Sydney will be wearing it, and vintage styles are so much classier and well fitted that current styles. Oh, and because I love looking like a lady :-) Sam xoxoxox

  9. I'm just a young "old at heart" kinda gal! I sew vintage mostly for the memories - I recently bought the first skirt pattern I sewed in junior high school - grade 7. This time I was much more relaxed sewing it again because I didn't have Miss Fair (my Home Economics teacher) glancing over my shoulder every minute! Vintage patterns brings back happy memories of sewing with my Mom and my Aunt. Thank your for your terrific blog and giveaway!