Sunday, October 31, 2010

Nazi Nightwear

I recently scored a vintage German sewing and lifestyle magazine on eBay!  It's named "Illustrierte Wäsche- und Handarbeits Zeitung", and published by Vobach.  I think the title translates loosely to "Illustrated Clothing and Hand-work [ as in embroidery, etc. ] Magazine".   Since it's from 1937, it dates to Nazi-era Germany.  The first half of the magazine features patterns, in the middle there's a pull-out pattern sheet, and the second half has articles that appear to be about hand-sewing, food, home decor, etc.  

Most of the patterns in this issue are for night-wear, undergarments, and house-dresses. Most are for women, but there were a few for girls, and a page of boys' pajamas too.  The pattern sheet makes Burda's look like a cakewalk:

The pattern sizes for women are Roman numerals from 0 to VI.  Girls' sizes represented in this issue are 13-14 and 15-16. I was surprised to find that I seem to be closest to a 15-16.  They do include 15-16 on the women's size chart, but the women's clothing featured is not offered in that size.  Most designs seem to be available in two non-continuous sizes, such as 0 and II, or I and III, though my cursory attempt to locate a specific pattern on the pattern sheet was a complete failure!  Here's the size chart:

And finally, here are the illustrations of most of the patterns in this issue -- the most interesting part to me!  I hope that eventually I can make at least one of them.

And here's a sample article page from the second half of the magazine.  I didn't show more of these because they're mainly text.  At some point I'd like to dust off my German (which was never that great to begin with) and attempt translating some of the articles.   If any of them prove to be interesting, I'll share them.  The middle right article below seems to be about coleus, a plant with pretty variegated leaves I used to grow on the back porch of my previous apartment.

Happy Halloween, folks!  I went out and bought candy last night: mainly for moi, but if we do happen to get a trick-or-treater, I am ready.  

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  1. Let me know if you need any help translating bits of it. I am happy to help.