Friday, October 1, 2010

Changing seasons, changing projects

I am back from Calgary!  I was up there for work, but I had a day to explore the city, and it was just beautiful.  All the trees are turning, and the weather was perfect, which according to my Calgary colleagues was a stroke of luck.   Rather than trying to see the tourist attractions, I explored the city's parks, since the beautiful, hilly Fall landscape seemed totally exotic to me.  I shot six rolls of film, and took over 400 shots with my iPhone.  I may share some favorites later on.  But now, on to sewing babble!

Before I left, I had planned this 40s wrap housedress as my next project:

But upon my return to Houston, I found that evening temperatures were dropping below 70, and hereabouts we call that Fall, folks!   The light-colored, lightweight fabric I had chosen suddenly seemed wrong for the season, and that big shoulder ruffle is not the best for layering under a cardigan.  So I think I'll set this combo aside for a while.   I pondered some other options:

And ultimately decided on this:

Apologies for the early morning light in these shots!  The floral fabric is s really soft cotton in a peachy-pink, with pale peach poly/cotton batiste for lining and perhaps contrasting white collar, cuffs and pocket flaps.   I think adding the pictured rick-rack detail in a cranberry color would be awesome, and a cranberry cardigan (note to self: acquire one if this dress works out) would make this a perfectly acceptable Fall outfit for the Gulf Coast area.


  1. I was just about to comment: "2318! I vote for 2318!" even though you weren't actually taking votes or anything. Double-breasted dresses rock.

    I totally agree with you on white trim and cranberry rick-rack, too.

  2. Thanks! I still wanted to make a 40s wrap dress. And I've been wanting to give the contrasting fabric thing a try. The contrasting fabric dress you made recently is amazing!