Sunday, October 3, 2010

The joy of linings

Last week I finally did something I should have done a long time ago, and ordered a stockpile of lining fabrics from   I love, love, love a lined garment!   But buying lining material just isn't as fun as picking out the fashion fabric, so I was picking it up locally, often at the last minute, and paying more than I really needed to.  I like to sew mainly with cotton, so that's what I line with too, rather than the silky or satiny stuff that the word "lining" may conjure up for many.  But the local fabric store has been out of white cotton batiste for a while now ... well, they're out of the stuff that's under $20 a yard, and there's no way I'm paying so much for lining!   My preferred stuff there is $3.99 a yard -- cotton/poly, but it feels nice and presses well.  But I digress ... here are the linings I ordered:

Naturally it was impossible to take a photo that got all the colors right!  From left to right, they are: yellow-green (voile), lemon yellow (batiste), emerald green (voile), fuchsia (voile), pale mint (batiste) and bright aqua (voile).  (I bought the white I needed, too.)   I have no specific plans for any of these, but I am sure each and every one of these three-yard lengths will find its match.  Where "match" is a relative term.  I love a surprising lining color: it's a throwaway detail that only the wearer knows about, which makes a garment feel more special.   I have a lot of fun pairing up my fashion fabrics with linings, even before I have a dress in mind.   Who else likes playing with color when it comes to lining?

Of the lined dresses I've made so far, here are my favorite combos.  I'd love to see what others have come up with, too.  If you've got a photo, link to it!

This was my first lined garment ever!  The white fabric is thick enough that the watermelon red doesn't show through.

The pale sea green harmonizes with the fashion fabric's palette.

A hidden pop of coordinated color. I wish I had more of this yellow voile, but I bought the last bit on the bolt!

The mint green is kind of an odd choice.  While it doesn't really match, I think it fits.  Makes me happy, anyhow!


  1. I like the mint green, and I think it's in the spirit of the other colors, if that makes any sense. It's all very Fifties. Makes me think of my faux-Fifties Fiesta combination, in which I now think I should have included Turquoise or Sea Mist.

    I love the coral/red with the white/black/gray!

    I was just contemplating a lining for a jumper I need to make. It's corduroy, which is likely to stick to whatever I wear underneath, and I don't intend to wear it much (ever?) as a dress, so I won't be wearing a slick nylon slip under it. So I think it needs a slippery lining. Anything corduroy is pretty much by definition winter clothing in this climate, anyway, so the added bulk should be all right.

    (1977. So new I barely consider it vintage. The fabric was given to me free and it's the only pattern that's telling me it really wants to be navy print corduroy, which wouldn't normally be something I would choose since it seems sort of fussy and L.L. Bean-ish. No offense to Bean, they're just not really my thing.)

  2. I've got some corduroy I need to use too -- a jumper is a good idea. And I love your Fiesta ware. That pitcher is incredibly awesome, too. Too bad I already have about eight times as many dishes as I need, just with stuff people have given me.

  3. Oh these are so pretty! I'd love to find a pretty patterned lining for my Betty Draper suit but no luck so far. I might go on another hunt in my lunch hour today...

    I've never lined anything before but I love the facing I used for my Beignet skirt:

  4. That's so smart! I should pile up some linings (although I shouldn't buy more fabrics, but linings doesn't really count?). I love the colour combo on the last picture!

  5. I think this is something I need to do as well. Thanks for the inspiration.