Friday, April 29, 2011

The green skirt of knocked-off happiness

A few weeks ago, schmeebot made a request:  she wanted another skirt like this one, which we both bought at Old Navy a while back:

It's a great, basic little skirt, made out of a super-soft lightweight twill-y sort of fabric.   And if you squint a little, it kinda resembles another skirt seen recently around these parts:

 Not twins, but possibly siblings, right?   Same sort of pockets, and basic shape, just different yokes and hem treatments.   So I used the Sewaholic Crescent pattern as my starting point, and re-drafted the yoke shape (and the corresponding parts of the skirt pieces, to end up with this:

The fabric is a soft baby-wale corduroy, as I couldn't find any twill like the Old Navy skirt.  I decided that this was actually better off unlined, as it was already thick enough and hung nicely as-is.  I used some leftover quilting cotton for the yoke facing, and to make up for the fact that I'd cut the hem a little short!

I actually dusted off my serger for the pockets, and you can see the shameful fact that rather than match my serger threads to a project, I just use four cones of different colors I like and serge the rainbow.  

It took me another week and a half to get the skirt in the mail, but now it's winging its way to its new home in California.  This is my first garment "made to order", so hopefully it will hit the mark!


  1. i LOVE that last one with the dots. LOVE LOVE!

  2. How can she not love it, it's gorgeous! You're right, as soon as I saw the first picture it reminded me of the Crescent skirt! x

  3. I don't have a serger but I either flat-fell or faux-French all my seams. Faux-French seams get whipstitched in whatever color of thread I need to use up. My grandmother gave us a box of 1970's orange, pink, barf-green, etc. threads, so . . . well, you get the picture. Navy dress with orange and olive whipstitching?

  4. I like the phrase "serge the rainbow"

  5. Ooooh, i LOVE it! That's such a clever idea to adjust the crescent skirt pattern. What adjustments did you make exactly...was it jsut a case of straightening the yoke and skirt bits? Did you make the waistband all one/two pieces for the green skirt? I really like the colour of the fabric too. I think the quilting cotton would have been a lovely contrast for the outer waistband as well as a lining. Brilliant :) x