Monday, May 30, 2011

New moon skirt

I'm back from a much-needed vacation!  The trip was zero-percent sewing related, so I won't say much about it, but I did get to enjoy views like this:

Key West:  Fort Zachary Taylor State Park

Before I left, I made another skirt adapted from the Sewaholic Crescent skirt pattern.  I think I finally have it the way I want it, so I'm going to give it a name:  meet the "new moon" skirt.   I used the waistband from Burda 7741, and attached it to the same skirt pieces I used for schmeebot's skirt, except I made mine several inches longer.  Here it is, inside and out.  It's made of a super-soft light blue cotton twill, and lined in light avocado green poly-cotton batiste.  I swear I ironed it ... but I suck at ironing, apparently.

I ended up taking a bunch out of the waistband so that it would sit a little higher than the Burda 7741s I've made.  The one place I screwed up was when it came time to cut out the lining: I cut the lining front as if it would have pockets inserted -- oops.  I just cut some wedges of fabric and sewed them in there -- you can hardly notice, and hey, it's on the inside.  I've already worn this to work, but I'm too lazy to try it on for you now.  It's a straightforward skirt, and it looks about as good hanging on the patio fence as it does on me.  Plus, I think I am going to make a trillion more of these.  In fact, the next one is already in the pipeline -- burgundy rayon twill and rose-pink poly-cotton lawn.   After that, maybe a fun print one.  Or two. Or three.


I must confess, I made a wider-waistband version too, but it was a bit of a failure.  The waistband came out huge, and in my attempt to fix it without removing the zipper made it fit kind of wonky.  Technically it's finished, but now I accept that it needs work if it's ever gonna get worn.   Someday I'll put a new waistband on it ... but eh, not right now.  

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  1. Welcome back Andrea...I was seriously missing your posts. Your vacation - judging by that first pic - must have been amazing!

    Lovely skirt by the way! I'm very close to finishing my crescent skirt, hope it turns out as nice as your adapted versions!