Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Doing some more mooning

Whoops, been a while since I've posted.  And I actually have been doing some sewing ... more of the same-old same-old, though, so I'm not sure it's gonna excite you.   I made schmeebot five more Pacific Moons: most of them were completed over the long Thanksgiving (in the US that is) weekend.  I love making these -- so Zen, as I know exactly how they are going to come together.  We tweaked the pattern a tiny bit for this round:  the pockets are now two inches deeper and I'm making the waist measurement a half-inch smaller for stretch fabrics than for non-stretch ones.

Heeeere we go ...

I made a few solid colors.  First up is orange:  I made one already from this exact fabric and schmeebot has worn it out!  This is the only skirt of the bunch where I chose something specifically for the facing fabric.  The others all have facings that came from my huge scrap collection.

And of course she needed a basic black one.  Yoke facing (also pocket facing) is leftover from the dinosaur dress.

Then, prints.  I love this crazy fabric.  I love the orange-y dot fabric with it too, and let a little show at the edges of the pockets, rather than rolling it to the inside.  It looks a bit like piping that way.

This is the one schmeebot says she ends up wearing the most! It's made from Ikea home dec fabric.

And I've saved the best for last!  This is more Ikea fabric -- the print is a huge dandelion/sparkle thing.  I had fun figuring out how to lay out the skirt pieces to get an interesting design.  Eventually I will make myself one like this too.

I've also made myself a skirt from another Ikea fabric, and a Sewaholic Alma blouse.  And here comes the Christmas/New Years holidays ... and a big box of Ikea fabrics just arrived!    However, sewing now has to compete with a new hobby: not one I plan to blog about much, but I may share just one post on it sometime soon.


  1. You make the BEST skirts! I always love seeing them! You come up with the best fabric combinations every time!

  2. I agree with Gail, they're all FAB! If I had to choose my favourite it would probably be the red Ikea one, love the contrast facing. They look so professional Andrea, the finish is perfect. X

  3. These are all so beautiful! I think if I nailed such a cute style for myself, I too would have trouble stopping ;o) I'm going to now look on the UK's Ikea website and see if they deliver fabric...I have a feeling they don't :o(

  4. I love seeing the different variations you do on one pattern, just with fabric. It's very inspirational!

  5. Thanks, y'all! schmeebot has actually asked for a "making of a Pacific Moon" tutorial, which I'm hoping to get done over the holidays and post here.

    Marie -- Ikeas in the US seem to rarely deliver fabric, but sometimes I'll see one online that's available for shipping. However, we've found some good Ikea fabrics on Ebay and Etsy too, but unfortunately the price is often significantly higher than what Ikea charges, even when the fabric in question is current stock.

    1. So annoying that you can't just order the fabric direct from Ikea. But I will definitely check out Ebay and Etsy...thanks for the tip!

  6. These are so cute! I love the facings you have given me such a great use for my scrap fabrics. Thanks