Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Strange Fruit Pacific Moon

Today is schmeebot's birthday!

From me she gets a skirt.  What a surprise.  

Perhaps it even looks familiar.  I used this fabric to make her a skirt earlier this year.  But for that one, I used only the green fronds.  Here I used (mostly) white ones.   I couldn't get as nice a match across the back seam. (Though I probably could have done a little bit better at matching the brown stemmy part -- oops.)

v1 -- we call this one "Leaf"
Why is this one called "Strange Fruit"?  Look inside:

It reminds me of an oddball watermelon.  I also added a label -- finally managed to catch these in stock at Sublime Stitching.   There wasn't truly any #%&!?* involved in the making of this skirt, but I think the label is funny, so there.

Happy birthday schmee!   At least I mailed your gift on your birthday ...

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