Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fabric gloating

I went to High Fashion Fabrics this morning to get buttons for Butterick 6574, the 50s dress that's my current project.   I was actually a little disappointed in the button selections that worked with my dress: why is it the buttons I love never go with anything I've ever sewn?   Someday I'm going to have to choose buttons first and figure out the fabric and pattern later.  But anyhow, for this dress, I narrowed it down to two options, one red and one black, but couldn't decide which I preferred in the store. I had a fabric scrap with me, but it took seeing the buttons in approximately the right place on the dress to decide that the red one was better.  

As you probably guessed from the post title, buttons were not all I bought!  I also trawled the 50 percent off aisle and came up with some goodies.  I was actually over there because my favorite Liberty prints, which I visit every time I go to High Fashion, were not in their place, and I had some vain hope that they might have been marked down.  (Yeah, as if!)   But I found more cool stuff than I usually see, so my search was not for nothing.  Here's what I took home:

From left to right, they are:

1.  A cotton with possibly some linen in it.  Only 1 and 1/3 yard, but that's enough to squeeze a skirt or blouse out of.
2.  A cotton silk -- it feels awesome!  It was the most expensive at $6.50 a yard.  I got 4 yards -- I want to try and do a dress with the chevron-ing stripes like I've seen others do.  Maybe I sew well enough now to match my stripes up?
3.  Cotton lawn, 5 yards.
4.  More cotton lawn, 5 yards, and the cheapest of the bunch at $2.50 a yard.
5.  Cotton shirting, 2 and 5/8 yards, which was all that was on the bolt.  But I think it's wider than 44 inches, so maybe I can get a dress out of it nonetheless.

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