Sunday, May 23, 2010

There's no place like home!

I got home last night from my trip to the Boston area.   As much as I would like to be the intrepid traveller type, I am a homebody at heart, and it's a relief to be back.   Hey, home is where I keep all my cool stuff!   Not to mention, my awesome husband and charmingly goofy dog.  I missed both of them terribly while I was away.

The closest I got to sewing was spotting this vintage Singer in the window of a wedding dress boutique on Tremont Street.  I was going to go check out Winmil Fabrics, but the timing just didn't work out, and I had no room in my luggage for fabric anyhow!   Had I gone, it's certain that I would have seen some fabulous fabric that I'd be pining for at this very moment, so perhaps I can count not going in the "win" column?

One thing I wanted to do that I did accomplish was visiting H&M.  I see so many references to them on the 'net, so I was eager to check out their wares in person.   I went to the store on Washington Street (near Boston Commons and the mysterious shrouded building pictured here).   It was a ginormous store, but I couldn't find a thing there I liked!  A lot of it was simply too young for me, or obviously cut for someone with different proportions.  But I also hated the feel of most of the fabrics used.  Cottons felt stiff, and synthetics felt ... well, synthetic.   I left the store without even trying anything on -- never thought that would happen!  I didn't come home from Boston entirely empty-handed, though: my hotel in the suburbs was across the street from a small shopping mall, and I acquired a nice Jones New York dress from the TJ Maxx there, as well as two pairs of shoes from DSW.   Not very exotic, since we have both stores in Houston.

Ah, one other sewing-related thing I did on my trip was start to add dates (using to my vintage pattern photo set on Flickr.   I'm less than halfway through, but going through the images one by one has reminded me of many great patterns I own but hadn't thought about.  If only I could sew faster -- there are so many things I want to make this very instant!

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