Sunday, May 16, 2010

A whole lotta not sewing going on

I started a new project last weekend, but have only made a few hours' progress thanks to an extra-crazy week last week. The pattern I'm using is a vintage Butterick sundress, pictured at right: dates it to 1953.   It's cut out, marked, and the bodice darts are basted.  And let me say based on all the great feedback I got on my post at ... I  added nothing to the bodice length.  I'm not sure whether I'll be totally comfortable with the result, so I am depending on more great feedback from my fellow sewists on the finished product!  Not that it'll be finished anytime soon.  I can already see that I'm going to need to add some darts at the neckline to keep the straps on my shoulders, so my next step will be to baste it together and see how much excess I need to pinch out.  Alas, I am currently 1000+ miles from my sewing machine and will remain so all week, so I'm not sure when this will happen.

The fabric I'm using is also pictured.  The green is more vibrant and Spring-y than the photo shows.  I've had it for eons, and no longer know its provenance.  It's cotton, but it's a little lighter and has a nicer drape than your typical quilting cotton does.

Though I will not be sewing this week, perhaps I can finally write the last two pattern reviews for stuff I made in 2009: the Advance 3025 fail that I already chronicled here, plus a Burda skirt pattern that was a winner for me, despite the bizarre styling on the pattern envelope.


  1. Great pattern and cute fabric! I hope it turns out perfectly for you. You're using red buttons, right? Red buttons would be perfect!

  2. Thanks! I actually haven't acquired buttons for this yet, or decided whether they'll be red or black (or red and black). Hopefully the right ones will present themselves when the time comes!