Thursday, July 8, 2010

Journeys through time and space!

My husband and I returned from our vacation to England and France last night.  And what an amazing vacation it was -- it was my first trip out of North America, a fact which amazes my co-workers, most of whom were not born in the US and do plenty of globe-trotting.   We were gone for two weeks (my last two blog posts were scheduled), and spent time in Paris and London.  I was working for part of the time, and that took me to a chateau outside of Paris for a conference, and to the company office in Abingdon.  And paid for my plane ticket -- hooray! 

We hit many of the sites on the tourism short list, and just enjoyed being together.  But we also made some time for hobby-related shopping.   For me that meant sewing, of course, but also I added a few cameras to my collection.  I'll share my haul in later posts, but for now let's just say that I won't be spending much time in fabric stores for many months to come.    

I shot five rolls of film, and well over a thousand digital photos -- I won't bore you with too many of them, but I had to share this shot from our last day in London.  Any Dr. Who fans in the house?  This police call box was just outside the Underground station we used daily, but we somehow missed seeing it until the very last day.   I like to think it had just returned from a trip through time and space.  :)

Awesome as the trip was, it's also great to be home.  I missed ice in my drinks and washcloths in my bathroom.   And France, what is up with putting ham in every-freaking-thing?  I hate ham!   

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