Sunday, July 18, 2010

Next up: a pattern from 1968

I hope everyone had a good weekend, in the realm of sewing or otherwise!   I finished another version of Butterick 6574, the sundress from 1953 that I've made twice already.  I made one minor tweak to the fit, and tried a new-to-me technique that I think makes this version the best one yet!  But I have no photos, so I'll save those details for another day.

Today I started a new project with another vintage pattern, this one dating from 1968. I'm making view C (on the right) on the pattern envelope.  The fabric is some shirting I got on clearance at High Fashion Fabrics a while back, and I cut the center bodice panel on the bias, as shown in the illustration.  I'm a little unsure about how much I'll like that raised neckline, and debated changing it, but I decided what the heck, I'll give it a try.  Maybe I'll love it.   As is my preference, I'm fully lining the dress rather than use the fistful of facing pieces that exploded out of the envelope.   I'm really glad I don't have to figure those out!


  1. Love that pattern.

    I saw your comment over at Houston Crafter and realized that we live in practically the same town, too. Just wanted to let you know.

    That would be so neat if we all got together at some point since we all love vintage and all live in the same town.

    My email is in my profile if you ever wish to contact me.


  2. Sounds gorgeous! Can't wait to see photos of the finished dress. :) Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.

  3. That is a cute, cute pattern! I don't have any cute mod dress makes me sad!
    I can't wait to see it. And don't worry, I made a dress with one of those "standaway" necks and it isn't that bad.