Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sewing, not showing

That's what I'm doing.  I now have three, soon to be four, dresses that I have not posted here.  Two Butterick 6574s, one mentioned previously and one more (OK, time to give this pattern a rest).   And two from McCalls 9583, or what that project turned into when I zigged where I should have zagged too many times.  But more on that soon, when I have pictures and not just pattern numbers!

There's also a new sewing machine at my house:

Alas, this lovely Singer 15-90 is not here to stay: I'm just fixing it up for a friend.   My friend's interest in sewing was sparked when a neighbor gave her this vintage machine.  However, it needs some TLC before it's ready to sew, and having to fix up a machine before even properly learning how to sew proved to be too daunting a task.  So my friend went out and bought a low-end Brother machine, and was ready to give this one to me.   Perhaps I should have just accepted the gift, but I know that this machine will likely sew better than her new machine once it's been cleaned and oiled.   I also know that she has a pre-teen daughter and they love doing things together, so I can easily see two sewing machines getting used at her house!   So I said I'd get it going, and then have her come over for a lesson on it.   I am no expert on vintage machines (I just like them a lot!) but I have done some reading, and I think I know what I need to do.   I've already installed the necessary parts, and just need to tackle cleaning and oiling (and finding a new needle).    

Strangely, the machine came with a walking foot and a (fabulous!) Greist buttonholer, but no basic foot. I plan on learning how to use that buttonholer before returning the machine, and then maybe hunting one down for my Singer 500A.  I have heard that they make gorgeous buttonholes.   I love that my modern Janome makes automatic buttonholes, but I would never, ever describe them as gorgeous.  (Hm, maybe some day I should show off my own sewing machines.  I have the Janome and three vintage machines, plus a serger and coverstitch.  You can see why I felt I shouldn't accept the 15-90 as a gift!)

And finally, FINALLY, I got my Etsy shop up and running.  I've been wanting to start selling off some of my excess patterns for a while: I've come to the conclusion that a pattern is going to have to be super-freakin-fabulous for me to tackle re-sizing.  I have a lot of bust 34, and a lot of 1970s stuff, but a smattering of other sizes and eras as well.   Nothing rare or extra-fab, but I'm trying to make the pricing attractive.  I have a ton more to list: the whole process takes a while, especially counting pattern pieces.  I cannot tell you how much I HATE that part -- mainly the trying to refold them all up afterward and get them back in the envelope!   One pattern had 34 pieces!  Argh!

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