Sunday, August 15, 2010

ZOMG 1940s hoodie!

My husband was kind enough to throw in an assortment of Dover books featuring reproductions from Sears catalogs into his latest Amazon order.   I spotted these in London, but knew I could get them more cheaply in the US. (Plus, my suitcase was full by that point.)  Anyhow, I am now the proud owner of the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and 1960s editions from this series:

I finally had a chance to look through these yesterday, and they definitely provide good sewing inspiration.  I'm hoping that I can combine details I like from the designs in the books with patterns I already have.  These books are only about $10 each from Amazon, and very nice resources to have on hand.

This was my favorite discovery, from Everyday Fashions of the Forties:

Check out that dress with a hood!  I had no idea that hoodies were around in the forties.  I love hoodies!  I love forties fashion!   So you can just imagine how I feel about finding them mashed up together!   And only $3.98, too.  If only I could travel back in time and stock up!

Here is a better shot of the text on the page.   "Hoodwinker" -- ha ha!


  1. LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!! or THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It does seem a bit funny doesn't it, especially when you spot them on evening gowns. I still haven't figured out why they were so popular in the 40s.

  3. I love both these and the Tom Tierney paper doll books.

  4. I didn't realize hoods were all that common in the 40s ... now that you mention it, I might have seen a few before But never a pattern that included one. Not that it would be hard to draft, I guess!

    I saw the Tom Tierney paper dolls in London too, but I had forgotten the name. Now I can hunt them down too.

  5. wow, these catalogues are amazing and the 1940s hoodie is so cool!