Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So I made some stuff

And ... meh.   I had this bright idea that I would make things that I actually needed, instead of vintage dress after vintage dress in crazy patterns that have no real place in my wardrobe, which believe it or not is like an altar to all that is plain.   Seriously, my store-bought stuff (and that's 97 percent of what I actually wear) is plain, plain, plain.  Solid colors, and really only a few basic shapes.  On top is usually a tank top with a cardigan over it.  On the bottom will be jeans or some sort of wide-legged chino, or an a-line to full skirt.  Almost all in solid colors (lots of different colors, though!) with very little embellishment.  Perhaps you have noticed, as I did, this is not what I tend to sew.

So, I made a knit top, from Jalie 2806 -- the third version of this top I've made.   It came out fine.  I've worn it already, and I'm sure I'll wear it a bunch more.  I need knit tops.  Then I decided to make a gray version of New Look 6944, which I have already made twice before. (Actually, I planned to make a black one, but couldn't find black fabric that I liked.)  Even though the first two skirts made from this pattern fit perfectly, this one came out a little too big in the waist.  Yes, I can fix it.  Do I want to?  Nope.   Because this skirt was incredi-boring to sew.  It turns out I hate sewing with plain old fabric, even fabric that feels soft and has a nice drape, like this gray rayon twill does. Even though I like the color gray quite a bit, actually.   The level of aggravation I felt took me by surprise.   It took my husband asking me if I had at least learned something when I vented all over him about it to realize that indeed I had.  My first thought was, no!  Because I've used both pattern and fabric before.   The lesson didn't hit me until hours later, but I think it might be a big one.   It's rich pattern and interesting detail that grabs my interest when sewing.  Contents of my closet be damned.  Either sewing is purely about the process and not about expanding my wardrobe for me, or I've undergone some sort of personal style metamorphosis while I wasn't looking.  Not sure which yet.

So, here are the garments that launched a thousand mehs.  Apologies for the toilet paper in the background.   Sooner or later it'll make it that last foot and a half into the bathroom.

I'll definitely sew more knit tops, because they're quick, and maybe I'll finish the skirt someday.  I have a dozen plain, solid colored cardigans it would look great with.   Maybe I'll find some awesome trim that will make it into a more exciting project.  But for now, it's getting shoved aside in favor of a 1960s vintage shirt-dress pattern, to be sewn in a loud floral fabric.  I feel so much better already.


  1. they both look super comfortable. good job

  2. They are both lovely and perfect for everyday wear.

    You said, "I have a Flickr set for mine: each fabric has a photo (with measuring tape in the frame for print scale), and the type and size of piece is listed. I like that i can get to it from my iPhone while I'm out and about. I've heard that there is iPhone software specifically for this now, too."

    I am so impressed. I would have never thought to go high tech with my fabric stash organization. This has to be the best method I have heard of yet, You are a genius. Did you come up with this on your own or see it somewhere?


  3. I don't think I've seen anyone else cataloging their fabric on Flickr, but really, it was not a stretch for me since I already catalog my other collections (vintage patterns and vintage cameras) there! Because I work as a software developer, if anything I feel like a bit of a slacker for not whipping up a custom app of some sort. Anyhow, I've enjoyed being able to get to my collections virtually when I'm away from home. I need to do more tagging so that I can do targeted searches for what I need (like say 3 yard pieces, or shades of purple).