Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Godets revisited

So, I made a second version of New Look 6944, the skirt with godets.  I'm happier with this one: I made the godets out of the same fabric as the rest of the skirt and so they provide an interesting shape without being all in your face about it.   In fact, I wore this version to work on Monday.  (So far my dressform has been in charge of wearing the first one.)  My husband took pictures as I was on my way out the door.  No, I don't dry my hair before work.  The mean old Texas sun does that for me.

I used some unusual fabric I bought at Jo Anns: it's kind of twill-like, but its fiber content is cotton and Tencel, so it has a nicer drape than a twill should.  I'd love to know where to get more fabric with Tencel in it -- if you know of any, please clue me in!   I also really like the color and pattern, which together remind me of raindrops.  For some reason I don't gravitate to blues, but I find this one appealing.

Back in 2008, I started a project with this fabric that went bust.  Literally, I guess, as the problem was that the bodice part turned out to have more va-va-va-voom than I could hope to come up with in this lifetime, and at that point in my sewing career (and still, really) I didn't know how to fix it.   So I set aside the project, which was from a very old Burda issue -- June 2002, I think?  I think the "good luck" sign in the picture was a special message to me, as in, "Good luck making this thing.  Sucka!"   I very rarely set aside projects: I prefer to fish or cut bait.  I must have had some lingering hopes, but as time passed I've grown less and less enamored of this, especially given its impending fit issues.  I finally accepted that we'd grown apart, and took the very full skirt part of the jumper out of the plastic sack it had been languishing in and cut all the New Look skirt pieces out of it.  Thank goodness that's over. 

This skirt took a little while longer than version one, because not only did I line it, I finished all its many seams on both lining and outer fabric.  I line almost everything these days, usually with cotton batiste, because they just look better.  Here are my skirt innards:
I just happened to have a cotton batiste on hand that was very close to the skirt color.  I made the lining about an inch and a half shorter than the skirt, but an inch would have been plenty.   I didn't take any length off it when I hemmed it other than doing my usual tapering so that the back is an inch longer than the front.  

I used a lavender zipper and thread since that's what I had, but it blends in well enough.  I made a size 10, except for adding an inch total to the waist, and used the size 12 piece for the center front/back to accommodate for the extra yoke width.   The fit is pretty much perfect, and I think I'll wear this one a bunch. 

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