Saturday, June 19, 2010

A sample of my early work

Juebejue's post at Petite Republic inspired me to share one of my early sewing projects.   Because of all the ways it is not like her professional-looking, charming creation:
Do you know what it is?   Don't feel bad if you can't guess.   It's supposed to be a stingray, but clearly design and attention to detail were not skills I had honed at 15.  I'm not sure why I thought it should be shaped like a disc.  I do know why I put the bow on the tail though: it hides some seriously ugly stitching where the pipe cleaner-filled tail joins the body.   I was proud of it at the time, believe it or not.  Little did I know that my when my little sister reached the same age, she would sew me an entire dress!    Granted, she probably had some help from our mom.  I on the other hand hate to ask for help.  I prefer to do a terrible job all by myself.

Now doesn't this make you feel better about your first sewing project?   I hope it inspires you to share it, too!


  1. I think your stingray is adorable. (And I did guess what it was.)

  2. Thanks! I am sort of amazed you could guess ... it looks maybe more like a lollipop with eyes. :/