Sunday, June 20, 2010

Double button happiness

After complaining about how pattern prices have gone up, I found a few this past week for some great prices!  See, sometimes it pays to complain.  Anyhow, check out this early 60s pair:

I was inspired by a pattern I saw a while back but decided to pass on because it was more than I wanted to pay, plus a bit on the large side for me.   I made a sketch, and figured I'd find something similar eventually.  And hooray, these two came along -- together they were half the price of the original.  The pattern I didn't buy was more of a jumper: sleeveless, and with inverted pleats in the full skirt.  I like these as-is, but I think I can use them to create something pretty similar the original vision.  I'll take the bodice from Advance 3001 (which has back neckline darts, hooray!), leave off the sleeves, and try to bring the neckline closer to Advance 2958.  The button configuration should be like Advance 2958 view 2, and I'll take the skirt from view 1.    The fact that 2958 is a wrap dress while 3001 zips up the back might cause me some problems, but surely I can figure it out, right?  I think I'd need a solid fabric for this, so that the buttons and stitching would show up.   No specific ideas there, because my fabric stash is full of prints.  I don't feel compelled to stash solids for some reason.   

My schedule for the next few weeks is full of lots of not sewing, and I've already decided on (and purchased notions for) my next project, so it'll be at least a month before I could possibly embark on this pattern mash-up insanity.  And by then I'll surely have been distracted by at least one, if not dozens of other sewing fantasies (which are so much quicker to finish than actual sewing).   So I figured I'd capture   my sewing hallucinations here, so that I can find them again someday, perhaps when the stars are property aligned for their transition into the real world.

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