Sunday, June 13, 2010

Go go godets!

OK, this is my latest skirt.   I used some fabric that was leftover from a dress I made last year, with a complimentary fabric for the godets.  And while like the idea of mixing patterns, I guess it's just not my personal style, because in this I feel a little like a cheerleader at a quilting bee.  That said, I like the fit of the skirt quite a bit, and the godets were strangely fun to sew.  I thought they'd be hard, but it's quite easy to get that nice little point at the top.   I did the bias tape hem thing again because I thought the contrasting edge suited the graphic nature of the print.

The pattern is New Look 6944, and I made view E.   I will probably make this again, but in all one fabric and perhaps in a slightly drapier material.  I have a really nifty cotton/Tencel blend fabric that might be perfect for this, actually.  (Why isn't there more fabric with Tencel in it out there?)

Other than hemming this beast, I didn't do any sewing yesterday, but I did finally organize my patterns.  I keep them in storage boxes made of fabric with metal frames, 14 (!) of them in all.  They started out roughly sorted by era (40s, 50s, 60s, etc.) but when I had them upstairs, they were in a hard-to-reach place, and this coupled with the fact that some boxes were full had resulted in significant organizational devolution.  Finding a particular pattern usually meant rifling through several boxes at a minimum.  But after my hours of labor yesterday,  they are now sorted by era, AND within their eras they are sorted by brand and pattern number!    This was actually kind of fun to do, since it brought patterns that would have been released together side by side, and it was interesting to see their similarities.  Maybe at some point I'll post some of these pairs here.   For mail order patterns I didn't try to put the numbers in order, but grouped them roughly by era, and the same for 1930s patterns, since I have relatively few of them.

I also weeded out a lot of 34 bust patterns that I don't think I'll ever bother drafting down to my size.   I now have an entire banker's box crammed full of patterns that I don't intend to keep.   I'm thinking I will put them on etsy ... there's another project for the future!


  1. I love the skirt, it's not at all 'cheerleader at a quilting bee' looking to me, it's quite flirty on you!

    ~Kelli @ Smidgens

  2. Wow! If you hadn't made such a pretty skirt, I would totally have overlooked that pattern. Great skirt, easy to wear, summery!

  3. Very cute.