Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More 50s sundresses

Two more of Butterick 6574 ... I think it's time to step away from this pattern!  But I have to say, I finally get why folks love "tried and true" patterns so much!  This is the first pattern for which I've truly mastered the fit.  I sewed these two up knowing it was just going to work.  Very cool.

I did try one new thing -- horsehair braid in the hem.  Given that the modern version is made from some sort of plastic, I like to think of it as My-Little-Pony-hair braid.  I had been curious about it in the past, but when Gertie of Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing provided a helpful tutorial, I was inspired to give it a try.  Her tutorial is here and you can see how her dress came out here.   I used one-inch width braid, because that was what Jo Ann's had, but I think it was about right for the look I was going for: a little bit of body, but nothing overly dramatic.  Mine didn't have the nifty loops for fullness adjustment, either, but it didn't seem to need them.  I was actually able to completely encase the braid in my hem, too, which I like.  I imagine that would have been a challenge with the two-inch braid Gertie used.  

Anyhow, here are my latest Butterick 6574s ... surely there's a cuter name for them?  Help me out here!

I made the hem about an inch shorter on the purple one, just to see how I'd like it. It's fine, but the longer length is better.   On the purple one, I also pieced the skirt so that I could have the pattern running up and down, which worked out pretty well.  On the gray/brown dot one, I just let the lines of dots wobble all over, and they meet perpendicularly at the side seams.   But it doesn't look as bad as I thought that might.   Incidentally, the gray and brown dot fabric is from Amy Butler's Midwest Modern collection, and reminds me of The Gobbler -- grooviest motel in Wisconsin for some reason I can't quite articulate.  Perhaps that's why it's my favorite of the bunch.  (The purple is I Forget What from I Forget Where, like most of my fabric.) 

Oh, remember how in my last post, I was proud of having made a dress for only $6? Yeah, I know many have done even better, but for me that's a record.  Or was ... until I realized that I had no work-appropriate shoes to wear with it.  So, not one but TWO pairs of matching shoes are on their way to me from Zappos.  Hm, that dress is not looking quite so cheap now ... 


  1. This pattern was made for you - all your versions are wonderful!!

    Hmm, a new name for this pattern? Let's see...
    The 'Fabulous Tabulous Dress'
    The 'Buttoned Up Beauty Dress'
    Um, yeah, that's all I've got! :)

  2. They look great! The horsehair braid really adds some swish to the dresses. Lovely!

  3. Thanks, y'all! The horsehair braid was really easy to use - I definitely recommend it!

    Shannon -- I love the "Fabulous Tabulous" dress ... I'm going to go with that! Now I need to make another!,

  4. Great vintage sundresses. I really love this style and would love to see it worn more.