Wednesday, September 22, 2010

OK, we have winners!

Hooray, every lot had at least one interested party!  I took the easy way out and got my random numbers from the generator at  So, without further ado, here are the winners of the ten pattern give-away lots!

1.  quietandsmalladventures
2. Toria
3. Branka
4. K.  (this was the most popular lot, with seven entrants!)
5. Kristen
6. Marie
7. Marie
8. Kristen
9. Branka
10. Karin van D.

Thanks everyone for your interest -- it's nice to know that these patterns will find good homes!   I emailed those who I could find email addresses for ... the rest of you, I hope you see this, so that you know that I need your mailing address!  I made my email visible in my profile so that you can reach me.   My goal is to mail everything I have addresses for on Friday morning.  If you don't get me your address by then, no worries.  I'll mail whatever else needs mailing when I return from my trip to Calgary next week.

It seems kind of sad to have a post without any pictures, so, here's something that was in the box with the patterns: thread color cards, and this pamphlet on "the story of thread".  I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but I will!

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  1. Yaaay, I was so happy to find this post today!
    Thank you so much, I will give those patterns a very good home!