Saturday, September 11, 2010

The sad state of my knitting career

So, I'm thinking of picking up knitting again.   Often, after work, I'd rather hole up in the cosy upstairs of our house with my husband, rather than be downstairs alone in my sewing room.   During daylight hours, the light and space in my sewing area are very inviting.  At night ... it can feel kind of lonely.  So, enter knitting as an alternative crafty pastime.

Only problem:  I don't remember how.

I pulled out all my knitting stuff yesterday to take inventory.  schmeebot asked what I had, so here it is:

A whole bunch of circular needles, two sets of dpns (10 and 10.5), some weird bent needles and a stitch holder.  Also pictured is my massive two-ball yarn stash.  I'm not so sure I'd actually like anything knitted out of that crazy-looking yarn, but it sure is soft.  I could swear that schmeebot gave me some yarn also -- better yarn, in fact.   I need to hunt for it.

Here is my work in progress, my second project ever, from two years ago.  It is (or hopes to be) a "sucker" scarf -- a scarf that has things that look like suckers on an octopus leg.  I don't think the book I got the pattern from calls it that, but it doesn't look anything else to me!  The green yarn is a placeholder for where the "suckers" will go.  They'll be done in pale pink.  Assuming I remember how to knit, that is.


I quit two years ago because my dog was a puppy and between his need to pee every five minutes and to  play with my toys instead of his own, it was pretty much impossible to knit.  I did finish one scarf before he came along: it came out weirdly huge, heavy and stretchy and I would never, ever wear it.  I don't even know where it is.  The city dump, I hope.


  1. nooo, not the city dump! i can't wait to see the scarf get suckered!

    looks like you need to expand yer collection of dpns. how convenient that you have a bday coming up!

  2. Ironically, the dpns have seen the most use so far, too.

    My rainbow vomit scarf is like 8 inches long now! Too bad there's no way I can have it finished before I go to Calgary.