Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday preparations

No sewing going on here, I'm afraid.  This time of year finds me rushing around trying to get Christmas together.  Our families doesn't live nearby, and my husband and I prefer not to travel on Christmas, so we have a lot of gifts to get in the mail.  I am happy to say that said gifts are all purchased, wrapped, and in boxes awaiting tomorrow morning's trip to the post office.  As much as I admire the beautiful hand-made things many sewists turn out this time of year, I don't have the time, and I'm not sure it's what my family would most appreciate.
I enjoy wrapping presents ... in moderation, anyhow, and while it doesn't compare with a hand-made gift, I think it does show care and consideration.  My wrapping paper preferences lean toward the more abstract evocations of the season, and I use fabric ribbon rather than paper stick-on bows, which I find don't want to stay where you put them.  I didn't count how many gifts I wrapped, but it took most of yesterday to get it all done!

For co-workers, I made dipped pretzels in white and milk chocolate.  I don't have much inclination to cook or bake, but these are simple, so I make them most years.   My husband and I will each take a tin with us to our respective offices next week, before people start to leave on vacation.
As for decorations, we just put up a little tree in our bedroom, which is where we unwrap our gifts Christmas morning.   Haven't gotten it out yet, since we need to clean up first, but the ornaments stay on the tree so setup is a two-second job.  Even with the shopping and wrapping done, somehow it's hard to believe Christmas is only two weeks away!

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