Saturday, December 4, 2010

Weekend plans

Another long week with no sewing in it for me.  That's becoming the norm, but I try to catch up on my hobbies over the weekend.   This weekend, my primary goal is not sewing, but to finish my three rolls of Kodachrome film.   Kodachrome production ceased earlier in the year, and Dwayne's photo, the last place on earth that processes it, will no longer do so after December 30.   A few months ago, I thought I would plan something special photography-wise for these last little pieces of history, but now I'll just be happy for them not to go to waste.  So I headed over to The Heights (an older neighborhood in Houston, known for its few remaining traces of Victorian architecture) this morning to get some shooting done, and will finish up tomorrow.

Bye bye, Kodachrome!

I'll have some time for sewing this weekend too, so I plan to work on round two of the Pauline Trigere pattern.   I'm not sure y'all thought much of the first version, but I still love this design, and I'm making a few more tweaks to hopefully improve the fit of the bodice.  This is what I'm working with, this time around:

The fabric is some poly-cotton (I think, anyhow) I found in the clearance area of High Fashion.  It's only 45" wide, so I'll have to piece the skirt, since the whole thing is meant to be cut at once.  I'm not sure how matching the plaids in the back is going to go -- knowing me, probably badly.   And admittedly, the plaid will not showcase the angled side seams.   That's where the pink piping comes in, though installing it may make me crazy.

Finally, I might have bought some fabric in the past week or so ... I hit High Fashion to look for coordinating fabrics for the Trigere dress, but came up empty.  But of course, I didn't come home empty-handed:

I also hit a sale at Quilt Home -- they have an ever-changing 30 percent off section, and the alignment of sale fabrics was favorable.   Who am I to argue with fate?

And then had a Black Friday, or Cyber Monday, or whatever you want to call a post-Thanksgiving sale, and I picked up some rayon challis there.  I love rayon challis, and I don't see a lot of it I find pretty.   Often it seems like they have been smacked with a circa 1980 ugly stick.  I actually bought mostly solid colors.  They're in the washer now, so no photos.  Just picture red, (lightish) navy, yellow, peridot green, and white.  And red speckled with black.   And yeah, enough fabric already.

While I was out doing the photography thing, I stuck my head into Sew Crafty Houston to check things out, and lucked into some vintage zippers and buttons:

Last but not least ... my wrist pincushion from The Cottage Cupboard on Etsy arrived!  (Though alas, I don't see any others for sale in her store right now.)  One of the designers on the latest season of Project Runway had a wrist pincushion and that made me realize I needed one.  My pincushion always seems to be just out of reach.  Anyhow, this is so comfortable to wear, I almost forgot I had it on.

OK, I think I have enough sewing supplies to last me well into the New Year now.  If only I had a big bundle of free time to go along with them!

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