Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another one of these Burda skirts

Here's the next Burda 7741.  I used a fabric I found on clearance at High Fashion Fabrics that I'll describe as a "twill challis" -- probably rayon, but it could have some cotton in there too.  Even though it has that twill texture, it's not as heavy as the twills I usually see.

This fabric is left over from a dress that didn't come together from a year or so ago.  I love it, and I'm glad I could re-use it.   I still have a little left ... maybe I can get a sleeveless blouse out of it.  

I left the pockets of this version to make it (hah) dressier.  It's lined in cotton lawn, which gives it a little more structure, and keeps it from wrinkling quite as much -- this fabric loves to wrinkle!    

Can you stand to hear about another camera?   I picked a modern one, to go with this modern pattern.  The Supersampler is a four-lens camera from Lomography -- you may have seen them at Urban Outfitters or your local museum gift shop (which is where I got my first one) too.   It shoots four image "slices" in the space of a normal 35mm negatives.  When you press the button, the shutters fire every 2 or .2 seconds, depending on which setting you choose.  There's a pull-cord that advances the film.   

My Supersampler is probably my most-used camera, and it has evolved a bit over time.   It started out like all other Supersamplers, making images like this:

But over the years, my original Supersampler has developed some quirks (and I have given it some too) and now I use it to take shots like:

... or this 

I've also used my Supersamplers with other cameras (by shooting the film multiple times) to get stuff like this:

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  1. Cute skirt! I think that's the perfect summer outfit.