Sunday, March 20, 2011

My 40s gingham dress -- finally photographed!

I took my camera out to the patio yesterday and caught up on photographing my sewing projects.  At first I felt kind of weird -- as much photography as I do, I don't take many photos of myself.  But after a while, I started to have fun with it, and I like the shots I got.  The keys to success are good light and lots of takes, I think!

The camera I'm holding is an Ensign Ful-Vue, a British-made camera from around the same era as the pattern (Simplicity 4294, from 1942).   I thought I'd feel less silly posing for photos if I had something in my hands, and this is a fun way to share my other collecting obsession -- vintage cameras.  The Ful-Vue is a simple box camera that takes 120 (medium format) film.  Later versions of the Ful-Vue got quite strange looking, but the early model that I have is more rare.    You can read more about the Ful-Vue on Camerapedia (and the "early Ful-Vue" pictured there is in fact mine!)


  1. Love this dress! And it's fantastic to see it with a period camera--how fun!

  2. Love the pics and love the dress!

  3. Your dress turned out fantastic. Love the pic.