Sunday, March 27, 2011

What I didn't finish over the weekend

I hoped to complete a dress -- it has been a while since I've finished a project in a single weekend.  I didn't quite get there, but it's close -- just need to finish off the lining around the zipper, sew on buttons, and hem.   If I hadn't had to rip out so many mistakes, I probably would have made my goal.   Even re-doing the worst of the boo boos, this dress won't be my best sewing job ever, but I like it and nobody else will notice.   I used some of my favorite fabric: a cut from Joel Dewberry's "Aviary" series, purchased in 2009.   Do you have trouble cutting into your favorite fabrics?  I do, but the release of Aviary 2 made it much, much easier in this case.  :)   Since I have no dress to show, here's a preview of the fabric.

I also made labels for my pattern storage boxes.  Last weekend, I did a little reorganizing of my patterns, since my collection had, uh, grown since I set up my boxes.  I added four new ones, and made the labels below. I know I could have made nicer, neater ones using a computer, but hand-drawing them was more fun.

I buy the fabric boxes I use for pattern storage at the Container Store.  They're collapsible, but have a metal frame inside to make them sturdy.  The top zips open, with a Velcro strip sealing the flap.

The weather in Houston has been gorgeous, and azaleas are in bloom everywhere.   I wish I could take a week off to enjoy it.  I hope you had a good weekend, and got to do things you like to do!


  1. I didn't get as much done as I wanted to this weekend, but I did get a pattern mostly resized (I think. I still need to do a test to see if it actually worked or if I just wasted a lot of time cutting paper up and taping it back together). I ordered the pattern in an 18 and it turns out I'm between sizes now so the last size 18 pattern I made was too big. Doh!

    I also culled some of my insanely-large pattern collection. I was getting too much into the 1970's, and too many of the patterns were too similar. I need to refocus on the 1940's. I need pattern storage boxes. Mine are in a two-drawer file cabinet, a cubic-foot file box, and another box that originally was mailed from J.C. Penney's and contained a family of model horses, and everything is stuffed to the gills.

    And then I went to Half-Price Books, which is always a mistake. They were having a $1 clearance sale, which is a huge mistake, at least for me. Oh, and I had coupons. Sigh.

  2. I saw your patterns up for sale ... I need to do the same, and have even sorted some out to put on Etsy, but I'm jealous of my free time at the moment, and I HATE COUNTING PATTERN PIECES. I feel it's gotta be done, though.

    My husband is the one with the "book problem" at our house, and he loves Half Price Books. I don't like shopping for books (I like reading, but not browsing). However, my husband can pick good books for me, so it works out well.