Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Daffodils are for March (too bad it's July)

Claire Cami dress number two is finished!   I made the bodice like 1/4 inch narrower in front and back (so, 1/2 inch smaller total), and lowered the waistline 1/2 inch.   Getting pretty close to perfect, I think!  I fully lined this one, too.  Naturally I like that better than the facings, but since this has no front or back opening, I couldn't do the "pull the lining through the shoulders" trick that I usually use for sewing linings, and had to do the shoulder seams after the neckline and armholes.  At least I think I had to ...  visualizing inverting the lining taxes my puny spatial awareness skills.

The main fabric has been with me probably ten years.  It's cotton, and presumably quilting cotton, but it has a slightly looser weave and lighter weight than what I typically find, so it drapes a bit better.  The name on the selvage is "Daffodils are for March".  As it turns out, they are okay for July as well.  The fabric for the green band at the bottom was purchased just for this project -- it's Donna Dewberry's "Spackle".  The taupe pinstriped fabrics is leftover from this dress from last year.   (Which I will never wear, because it does not fit well and has some sewing issues -- gotta toss that one and try again someday.)

We're still without air conditioning in half the house, and may be for a few more days at least.  I think I'll be wearing one of my two new Claire Cami dresses today!   I have fabric picked out for a third (yes, really!) but today I should really try to get some other things done ...


  1. Oh, my--that is adorable! I love the two-tone trim.

    I had a four-day weekend and got zero sewing done. Doh! I did manage to start some knitted dishcloths, though, as a housewarming gift for my brother. OK, so dishcloths could be knitted by comatose zombies, but whatever; at least I might have them done by the time I need them in a couple of weeks.

  2. Cute! I love the color combination.

  3. Cool country charm! I love it.