Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Help me with my next print mashup

I've finished Claire Cami dress number three and yes, I am thinking about number four.  I'm going to make something else first, but in the meantime, I humbly solicit your input.

Here's the main fabric I want to use:

This shot's not well lit:  the print's black and true white (with gold sparkles on the skull teef ... and eye sockets??)  Quilting cotton, naturally, but it's not too heavy or stiff.  The thread is just to give you a sense of the scale of the print, not a color scheme suggestion.    So, what fabric would you pair with this?   Probably the second fabric would be the belt piece, and contrast at the hem.   I was thinking of the some coral with white polka dots I already had, but polka dots are kind of obvious.  (Plus, I ended up using that fabric in CC #3, so it's no longer an option).   My husband suggested a flame-printed fabric, which is a cool idea.  I considered red roses on black, too, but haven't seen a good one.  And I feel all the ideas so far are a little obvious, maybe even cliche.  I feel there's something better out there.

Meanwhile, I just got this pattern, which I have been looking for ever since Marie got her hands on a copy:

Another crappy lamp-lit shot.  I usually document my patterns on sunny weekend mornings.  Anyhow, though I swoon over vintage dress patterns on a daily basis, I don't see many blouse patterns that wow me.  So when I spot a special one, I don't forget!  Since I don't sew (or even wear) many blouses, I accept that my first attempt is destined to be a thoroughly unwearable muslin.  But I have faith -- an awesome blouse is gonna come out of this pattern!


  1. I am the same with blouses - so hard to find a good one! I've got one pattern for a simple U-neck top which fits pretty good but it really does need to be embellished.

    Then I have a couple of shirt patterns from the 40's. I've been meaning to make one for ages but dresses are so much more fun to make!

  2. For contrast fabric to the skulls, I would pick something that isn't patterned, so as not to distract from the sunglass-wearing skulls! My vote goes for a bright turquoise or a hot pink. (But my family thinks I am rather eccentric when it comes to what I like to pair with black.)

  3. Here are some black and white prints at eQuilter (I'm not suggesting that you buy from them; I'm just offering some ideas).

    Skull search.

    Hmmm . . . I'm not loving the roses prints I'm seeing, either. I know what I have in mind, but I can't find a fabric that looks like it. Darn.