Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Strawberry Shortcake dress

This is my favorite Claire Cami dress so far!  Mainly because of the bird fabric, which I have had for ten-plus years.  I made a first attempt at clothes-sewing in my 20s.   Back then, my skills were rudimentary at best, and so I hoarded this piece of fabric, hoping that I would not waste it on some failed project.   Well, it took a while, but this fabric finally found its harmonious match.  It's just quilting cotton, but it's nice and soft, and neither too heavy nor too light.

Hiding behind a Kurabayashi Karoron.
(Say that ten times fast!)

The dotted fabric was purchased earlier this month, specifically to coordinate with the bird fabric, and the watermelon pink lining was left over from another project, but matched well enough.

I love that there's very little to fit on this pattern.  I may drop the waistband another half-inch on my next version, but really, it does not matter too much.   The neckline is slightly loose, but with no darts for fitting, I think it needs to be for comfort.

My husband (who really does like the dress) said it reminded him of Strawberry Shortcake.  I'm pretty sure it's Blueberry Muffin who would wear this, though.  But kudos to the husband for even remembering a circa 1980 girls toy!

Thanks for the input on my print mashup from last post.  Sophie Miriam -- I had not clued into the fact that the skulls were wearing sunglasses!  I thought they just had freaky eye sockets.  Duh, I guess.   And Little Black Car, I was seriously considering ordering this chicken wire fabric, which was one of the ones you linked to.  But then I found something in my stash that I think will harmonize well.

I hadn't considered this before because it's a four-yard piece.  However, I only need 1/4 yard of the contrast fabric, so there will be more than enough left to make a dress later.  That will be my next project, after I take a first pass at the McCalls 6520 blouse.  I have the blouse pattern traced off with my speculative alterations, but I'm not sure how much more I will work on it this weekend.


  1. Lovely dress, that fabric is so pretty :)
    Ashley x

  2. Oh it's lovely. The contrast polka dot print and watermelon lining all work perfectly together. Great job. x

  3. Love the dress! The fabrics are delightful!

  4. Beautiful dress - I just love the fabric and the fact that you've had it in your stash for so long until the perefect pattern came along ;o)

    I look forward to seeing your skull project and how that will turn out...very exciting!

  5. OK, that is adorable. Adorable dress, and I love the high-contrast blue and red together.

  6. I love the fabric combination in this dress. The blue fabric is beautiful and I don't think you could have chosen a more perfect accent fabric. Awesome!