Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The "moon" kick continues

I fear that this blog may be getting boring.  I own many hundreds of patterns ... why is it that I've spent this year mostly making the same two over and over?  Eh, rhetorical question.  Anyhow, long story short ... here's another New Moon.  Boring?  Maybe, but this sucker is gonna get worn.


Back (and inside-out)

Piping on le pockets!

I used some lovely voile I got from http://www.fabric.com a while back.  (It's gone from there now, but I see it at http://quilthome.com.)  I actually have a lot left over from the 3-yard piece I bought, so I can probably make another top or skirt from it sometime in the future.   I lined with pink batiste, and faced the waistband/yoke with some almost-matching quilting cotton found in ye olde scrap box from the attic.  

I bought some navy piping to use on this project, but once I got it home, it seemed too bright compared to the blackish-navy in the print.  Fortunately, I had some of this cranberry color on hand, so I used that instead.   It doesn't match, but I declare, it "goes", as they say. And I should do more piping.  I heart it.

At some point during the construction, I became convinced that the skirt (which I have sewn several times already, so WTF???) was going to be too short.  So I added a three-inch strip of navy voile to the bottom.   Then, guess what -- it was too long.  Duuuuuh.  But I thought the navy at the bottom added something, so I reduced it to about 3/4 inch.  The lining would have been the perfect length if I had not already added some navy voile to it too.  Usually I like my lining to be an inch shorter than the skirt: this is barely 1/4 inch shorter, but it beat picking out the seam!

I've already worn it to work, but failed to even get a camera phone shot of it.  It may not be exciting, but I do so love having dependable favorites to reach for in my closet, and that it will most certainly be!   And I have another already cut out, plus I think I'll make a basic black one as well -- that'll be my fall New Moon lineup, and then for God's sake someone take this pattern away from me!  (No, please, don't really -- I promise I'll put it away and make something else ... really soon ... )


  1. When you find something you like, why NOT stick with it! It's an adorable skirt, and I love the fabric! ~ Peggy http://peggyscloset.blogspot.com/

  2. Nope! Not boring at all! Beautiful skirt. Fantastic work.

  3. This is anything but boring Andrea! I absolutely love this skirt, the fabric you have used is just beautiful. And the inside is so neat! Sometimes when a pattern suits you so well, you just have to take advantage of it ;o)

  4. Actually, I find it really lovely and interesting. When you sew a pattern several times it just gets better and more detailed with each sew.

  5. That is the most awesome print I've seen since . . . I don't even know when! It's kind of Art Deco--makes me want to make a flapper dress.

  6. LOL!! I'm on a skirt kick so it's alright by me that you keep making these. The construction, lining and piping (!) are wonderfully done. I think this one is my fave (but it's so hard to choose!). I absolutely love this fabric; the geometry, 'Deco-ness' and colorway are a triple win.

    What was it like working with voile? My range is limited to cottons that I find at the thrift stores, and the majority are quilting weight or a bit heavier.

  7. Hey, Girl! Nothing can be boring with this wonderful skirt .... with this fun print. Great! I love it!

  8. Thanks, y'all! I may never get tired of this pattern!

    KibitzKnitz -- working with voile is almost as easy as quilting cotton. This voile is a nice one -- it has a bit of a silky hand to it, but you'd never mistake it for silk, and while it's drapey-ier than quilting cotton, it's not overly drapey. I can sew the side seams without pinning them in place first, and it presses nicely too. The only downside would be that it needs to be lined, but of course I line everything anyhow!