Sunday, September 4, 2011

Playing dress-up with my cameras

I finally found a pattern drafting project I could handle: making cases for my cameras.  I now have three Lomo LC-As (an original LC-A from 1988, an LC-A+, and an LC-Wide) and it would be nice to have a case for each!   Pictured above is my first attempt, which didn't reach completion because it was clearly way too big.  (I guess cameras don't require all that much ease!)  The next one came out better, and I've been test-driving it for the past week.

It's a bit too big, but the biggest problem with this version (besides the wonky sewing!) is that the zipper didn't go far enough around.  That meant it was hard to get the camera in and out quickly, plus, the wrist strap had to curl up inside.   It'd be nice to be able to use it even when the camera's in the case.  With those things in mind, I tackled the next version yesterday.  Here it is:

Better!  It could be a little closer-fitting, but I can live with this.  It's much easier to to get the camera in and out, and as you can see, the wrist strap can hang out the side.   On this one, I used a nine-inch zipper, whereas the previous version only required a seven-incher.   Other details of the design:  I interfaced the outer fabric, but there's no padding or anything in there.  Sandwiching some felt or something like that between the layers might be worth a try, for a little added protection.   I found it was worth it to mark all the sewing lines on the pattern, and to use a contrasting thread, because there are lots of fiddly stops and starts and tight corners, and I am not used to that kind of sewing.

From doing my pattern re-draft to the hand-sewing of the lining to the zipper tape, this took me close to four hours to make:  slow by many of your standards, I suspect.   But I think I will get better with practice, and I do plan to make a few more.  

This morning, I accomplished a sixty-second refashion project.  The sad thing is, it took me two months to get around to it!  Here's the result:

Lovely, no?  But since I didn't think to take a "before" photo, you have no idea what the hell I did.   My contribution was replacing the sad gray tie the skirt originally had with black 3/4 inch twill tape straight outta the package.  Who thought a gray tie would be just the thing for a tan skirt?  Maybe that's why large numbers of these skirts were on the clearance rack at Anthropologie for 60 percent off.  Anyhow, I just tied this black twill tape to the end of the gray one and pulled it through.    Easy.  So easy, in fact, that I might make some other ties to swap in, too.  Yellow floral on white?  Pale pink?  Royal blue?  Heck, anything but gray would work!

My next project will be ... another skirt for schmeebot!   She sent me the fabric:

It's a floral kaleidoscope, hailing from Ikea.  It's a home decor fabric, which has a nice weight to it.   Happily I found the missing pattern pieces for the "pacific moon" skirt version, so I am ready to get started on this.

One final note ... we finally got some cooler weather here!  By cooler, I mean the high today will be in the low 90s.  But we haven't seen that since May, so it's pretty amazing.  And they're forecasting a few nights in the 60s -- wahoo!   Suddenly I'm ready to think about Fall!    And maybe do some wardrobe planning, even.   More on that soon.


  1. You might try putting a little loop of ribbon inside the case near where the wrist strap of the camera pokes out. That way you can slip the wrist strap through it. When you use the camera, you won't drop the case in the mud, it will just dangle at the bottom of the camera, out of the way while you take your photo.

  2. Thanks -- that is a really good idea. I will try to work something like that into my next rendition!