Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pacific moon rises again

The next skirt for schmeebot is done.  I showed you the fabric (from Ikea) in the last post.  The pattern is the same one I made for her twice before:  an adaptation of the Sewaholic Crescent skirt, which I'm calling "Pacific moon".  Here's the finished product:

... and here's the back.  Look, I almost got the print matched up, both on the back and the pockets!   The circular elements of the pattern are actually slightly egg-shaped, so it was hard to line things up.   That, and I may not be all that good at it.  I know schmeebot likes pink, and orange, so I focused on those parts of the print as I was laying out the pattern, and tried to get a good overall balance of shapes.

I added a candy-striped facing:  I just happened to have gotten this scrap out of the attic the week before, when I was thinking about camera cases.  I think it's a nice complement to the the happy floral.

I didn't add a lining, as the fabric's a home decor fabric and fairly heavy weight.   Because schmeebot uses these skirts for hiking, they go through the wash a lot, and she's had some problems with areas coming unsewed on the previous ones.  This time I did a lot more serging of seams:  the inner parts of the French seams on the sides are serged, as are the yoke seams.  There's no serging in the hem or where I turned under the facing, but maybe I should have done it there too!  We'll see how this one holds up as compared to the others.

After a delightful week of slightly cooler weather,  temperatures will be back up near the century mark again in Houston.   However, I am still determined to ease into the Fall spirit.  I got out a few fabrics to ponder this afternoon:

I'm thinking the chevron patterned fabric (it looks 1930s-ish to me) is destined to be skirt in the very near future.   I'll probably be boring and just do another variation of the same skirt I've been making all summer, but I haven't made myself a version of it with a print, or in voile, so it will be different!    The rusty burgundy rayon may become a skirt too.   The center fabric, with the giant rust-colored poppies, simply has to be some sort of 1950s dress, don't you think?   The print was a bit larger than I was expecting when I ordered it online, but I am determined not to let that put me off of it.    I think the top fabric, with the Norwegian bird design, would make a great shirtdress.   I want to try out a new pattern, with a longer sleeve than the ones I've used previously.   And finally, the fabric on the far left ... no hints yet as to its destiny, but it looks like Fall for sure!


  1. What an adorable skirt! I LOVE that fabric (and the striped facing).