Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday roundup

I hope everyone had (or is continuing to have) a good holiday break!   December was a really hectic month for me, and I feel like I am still catching up.  I took two trips -- to Las Vegas, for work, and back to my hometown in Florida, because my dad needed emergency heart surgery (which went well thankfully!)  I also had a lot going on at work, and on top of everything else, I got sick.  I did absolutely no sewing this month until Christmas Eve, when I started a dress.  And I intend to finish it or die trying.  For some definition of "finish", anyhow ... It's not particularly complex, but it seems that everything that can go wrong has!  

I want for little in the sewing room these days, but I still managed to find a few sewing-related items to put on my Christmas list:   The BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook, The Colette Sewing Handbook, and two Colette patterns: Jasmine and Ginger.  My book-loving husband was more than happy to oblige!   I also got an awesome sewn gift from my friend schmeebot:   a stuffed owl made from thrifted mens' suits.  How cool is that??   She used a pocket from a suit jacket to give the owl a little pouch for treasures (there was a gift card in there!) and a sweet little heart with mine and my husband's initials on it.   The owl was my and my husband's university's mascot, so hopefully he feels right at home with us!

I'm off from work until 2012, and life is good!  Hopefully I'll finish my uncooperative dress and move on to at least one of my Christmas patterns before I have to go back to work.  I enjoy being a bit reflective this time of year, and while I don't make resolutions, I do think about what I want in the new year.   I'm not making any sewing goals, other than to enjoy whatever sewing I do have time for.  That said, I think I'd like to learn a little more about fit and finish, the two things that bring me the most satisfaction in a finished garment.  I got better at both this year, but it may be time to study up on techniques.


  1. Happy Christmas! I love the owl, your friend did a great job.

  2. Ooh la la! Owl loves Texas!

    I love the Burda book cover. Will you have enough fabric for all those patterns?!