Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pacific Moon, Christmas Edition

These two have already migrated towards the Pacific rim ... and yes, the orange one is pretty much that bright in real life!  The aqua mini-dot fabric is actually home decor fabric, and the orange is a fairly substantial bottom-weight cotton fabric with a little stretch in it.   schmeebot prefers heavier-weight fabrics for skirts, so they won't be whipped around so much on windy hikes.  

I used scraps left over from skirts I'd made myself in the past.  The fabric for the aqua mini-dot skirt came from a version of Burda 7741 that doesn't see much wear because for some reason the lining likes to creep  out and show itself while I'm walking.

The facing for the orange skirt is leftover from a drawstring-waist skirt I made in the 90s.  I did wear it some at the time, but I have no photos of myself in it and there will not be any.  :)  That skirt currently resides in my attic but I think Goodwill is probably a better place for it.

While looking for facing fabric for these skirts, I found another skirt I made earlier in the year.  I had declared it a failure and stuffed it in the scrap drawer.  However, it doesn't seem too bad to me now.   Does anyone else ever need time to forget your sewing mistakes in order to be able to accept something you've made?    

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  1. Why was it a failure? It's beautiful! Does it have pockets?

    I love my skirts! Can't even bear to stop wearing them long enough for a washing. Gross, isn't it?