Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Birthday Pacific Moons

Guess what?  Today is schmeebot's birthday!  It's not hard to guess what I gave her ...

She had asked (a looong time ago) for some skirts with yellow in them.  75 percent of these skirts comply with this request.  Schmeebot chose the two fabrics on the right, and I chose the ones on the left. (But I choose which turn into skirts when!)    All four fabrics are from Ikea.  No mysteries remain when it comes to Pacific Moon-making, so let's jump to views of the finished products.

First up, my favorite of the bunch:  the Applebees skirt!  Here's the apple:

... and here are the bees!  I found them in Hobby Lobby before I had the Ikea fabric on hand.  I just knew they'd be perfect for something.

And here is the back.  Just a leaf ... but Applebeeleaf is a dumb name for a skirt.  I did (mostly) match the pattern across the back seam though.

Next up ... BUTTS.  Schmee sent me this fabric months ago, and when we talk about it in chat (Don't you instant message about fabrics?  Doesn't everyone?)  We always call it BUTTS.  Here's why:

More butts on back.  Again, (almost) pattern-matched across the center back seam.  Also on one side seam, but not on the other.

Inside BUTTS are dots.  Also from Hobby Lobby I think.

Now ... TexMex.  I was struggling for a name for this one, and so schmeebot did the naming, in honor of the color palette.  It was not the fabric we wanted, which was  this one with amorous moose on it.  I went to Ikea in Houston no less than three times over the course of a month for this fabric (OK, and maybe for some bookshelves and other stuff too.)  Every time, the website said it was in stock.  Every time, nada.  I finally gave up and bought something else, and made ...

Unfortunately this one has a slight quality control issue:  the waist came out half an inch too big.   I measure (and re-measure) very carefully during the skirt-making process, so I am not sure what went wrong.  There will be a thorough investigation, I assure you.   We take quality very seriously here at Invisible Flower Industries.

Anyhow, here's the back.  Didn't even try to match the pattern -- for shame.

And finally, the yoke fabric, which I have used before, in this dress and inside this skirt.  But it was too nice a match not to use again.

Last one ... Melty Trees!  Or should we call it Melty Trees the Second, since I already made one for myself?  I actually prefer the design placement on this one to my own.

Pattern matching(ish) in back, woo hoo!  Well not really, but I did match the yellow line and tried not to chop any major design elements in half.

Inside we have some ancient orange fabric, from when I first tried to sew in my 20s (but ended up fighting a constant battle with my crap sewing machine and eventually gave up).  And I did hand-sew the edges of the yoke to the zipper before I mailed the skirts.  It was late in the afternoon when I reached that point and I realized the light would be too dim by the time the hand-sewing was finished if I did it first.

So there you have it -- birthday skirts.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY schmeebot, I hope you had a great day!!!!


  1. Lovely, the last one is my favourite, lovely fabrics, Ikea for the win!

  2. These are all fantastic - you know how I love your PM skirts! And they make me want to head to Ikea every single time!

    Awesome pattern-matching skillz too!!

  3. These are so beautiful!!! You're surely the world's best friend ;o)